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Bags, Sachets & Pot Pourri

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Floral Pot Pourri

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Pot Pourri in Jar

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    About Bags, Sachets & Pot Pourri

    Bags, Sachets and Pot Pourri are a cheap, effective and space-saving way to enhance your living room. The fragrance bags and sachets are also ideal to use in drawers and wardrobes and are sure to keep your belongings smelling fresh and sweet.  Here at Gee Tee’s we additionally stock clays that you can spray fragranced room spray onto and place around your home. Decorative and fragranced – these are the perfect home accessory. Pot pourri is also always a popular home accessory and can be purchased in a variety of different colours. By adding refresher or incense oil to your pot pourri this is another way of refreshing it and making it last even longer..

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