Our Village candle jars yield several aromatic groups: from sweet to spicy, from musk to mineral, from relaxing to restorative, from citrus and summer.
The Yankee Candle brand is synonymous for their high quality, fantastic design and exquisite fragrances.

About Candles

Candles, branded candles, oil burners, accessories, and all of your aromatherapy needs...

We boast the ever-popular Yankee Candle jars, extensive range of Bolsius, and a wide range of fragranced Village Candles — a series of fragranced candle jars across the spectrum of expense — from cheap and modest votives to large multi-wick showstoppers. For sending a personal, symbolic, or a romantic gift, you'll be sure to find something here.

Save big with our very competitively priced oil and Wax Melt burners, a bestseller online, and customize your favourite scents by mixing and matching from our selection. Especially lovely at Christmas-time, our pillar candles and tapered candles in combination with our Wax Melts make for a festive aroma, and a festive aesthetic.

For something a little different, and to channel the relaxing flickering of a flame about your home, be sure to look at our candle accessories: candle holders, and candle plates, a range of lanterns for use indoors and outdoors.

For something special, be sure to match our candles as gifts, with our superb range of giftbags and accessories.

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