Our Village candle jars yield several aromatic groups: from sweet to spicy, from musk to mineral, from relaxing to restorative, from citrus and summer to lavender and linen — lots of options! Perfect for gifts, or just as good as a selfish purchase, for a little indulgence.
The Woodwick Candle brand is renowned for their luxurious fragrances and the soothing sound of a crackling log fire when burning. The long-lasting and true-to-life aromas are guaranteed to fill your home with a whole host of sumptuous scents. We stock an array of different candles, from the renowned Hearthwick style to wax melts and jar candles.
Here at Gee Tee’s UK, we are incredibly excited to now stock Yankee Candles. The Yankee Candle brand is synonymous for their high-quality nature, fantastic design and exquisite fragrances.