Our many glass vases lend themselves beautifully to flowers or pebbles and stones. We have a range of shapes and sizes, cylinders, conical, bowls and bottles...
Decorate your living space and bring colour to your room with our huge collection of quote plaques, heart decorations, hanging decorations, mobiles, chalk...
Our artificial flowers are both practical and beautiful additions to any home space and have a wide range of applications.

About Homeware

Make a house a home, and a home a haven

Love your home with our homeware: soft furnishings, artificial flowers, home decor, vases and ornaments, pet accessories, storage solutions, and a range of clocks.

Our homeware collection boasts everything from functional storage to more audacious vases and artwork. Our more traditional products maintain a tasteful and understated aesthetic and are honestly priced — they are graceful additions to neutral rooms and hallways. For the budding interior designer, we can offer a series of impressive ranges of contemporary homeware — incorporating more wacky and outgoing looks and feels. Try our beautiful vases with our variety of artificial flowers to soften a coffee table.

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