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Harringtons Cat Food Fish in Jelly


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Cats need meat! That’s why at Harringtons, we believe cat food should be naturally meatier. Our wet cat food contains delicious fillets, packed with 80% freshly prepared fish and meat ingredients. We don’t add unnecessary vegetable protein neither, which means our complete cat food contains 100% animal protein, the ideal source of essential amino acids for cats. We don’t use generic fish, meat and animal derivatives, instead we use freshly prepared fish and meat ingredients which are gently cooked to ensure the protein is highly digestible. Our grain free cat food is also formulated without any cereals or fillers, as cats get all the energy they need from fish and meat. That means it’s purr-fect for sensitive tummies too. We never add artificial colours or flavours to our natural cat food neither, so sleep easy knowing you’ll be taking good care of them with Harringtons. No nonsense, just natural goodness for all.

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