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Peony Pick-Pink

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Velvet Monstra Stem

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Grey Large Flower Head

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Grey Silk Flower

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    About Single Stems

    There are countless ways in which you can ‘say it with flowers’. From a simple thank you bouquet just to make someone smile, to even using artificial flowers for a wedding bouquet or table displays. Our floral bundles are a thoughtful way of remembering a loved-one as often these flowers can be used to create Grave-pots that are as lasting as the cherished memories of bygones past.

    Enhance your home and bring a sense of vibrancy to your living areas with our wonderful array of Single Stems. Our floral collection will enable you to really showcase your creative side as you begin piecing together the different stems and watch them flourish into a stunning bouquet or arrangement that you can personalise towards your own colour schemes and preferences. 

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